domingo, 16 de noviembre de 2014


En esta página de Guatemala hemos encontrado estos dibujos relacionados con los derechos de la infancia

“All of these rights are written in a law called ‘Convention on the Rights of the Child,’ which all members of your family, teachers, and authorities have to respect. All in Guatemala should know these rights, comply with them, and ensure that they are enforced.”

“…the right to a life, a name, and a nationality.”

“…the right to a family: to the love and care of our parents.”

“…the right to be attended to first when there are earthquakes, floods, or other dangers.”

“…the right to be treated equal: black, white, indigenous, ladino, sick, healthy, rich, poor, religious, and non-religious.”

“…the right to live in a house, to eat, to be clean and warm.”

“…the right to health: to be vaccinated, to be taken to the doctor and the dentist, and to be cured when we are sick.”

“…the right to education: to study and learn what will serve us to live better.

“…the right to receive special love, care, and education when we have difficulty seeing, hearing, speaking, walking, or expressing ourselves.”

“…the right to be protected while we work, because many of us are forced to do so.”

“…the right for others to respect us, to treat us like children, and to act in accordance with the law when we have any problem.”

“…the right to be protected from sexual abuse and all forms of violence… and to be protected from drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, and glue.”

“…the right to be together with other children to learn, think, talk, and decide on matters that interest us.”

“…the right to live in peace and brotherhood with children of all nations.”

“…the right to demand that the State give us knowledge of our rights, that they observe them, and that they enforce them.


“…the right to Recreation: to play, to go on excursions, to go on walks, to draw, to recite, to enjoy ourselves, and to rest.”

…the right to speak our language, wear our typical clothing, and respect our traditions and customs.”

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